Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Media of the Month Club....

That's what I need to join...

See, I was working on the kid's skin again today, and realized that I wanted to put a little bit of embroidery on the built-in pants. Now, I could just do the embroidery, scan it, and plunk it onto the image (I have the technology.) But I was feeling lazy today, and wanted to just find a Photoshop plug-in that would make something that looked exactly like stitching. (And yes, I could use a Brush, but the stitches become smaller in both width and height as the size decreases, and I wanted to width to remain constant, like thread does. So I tried using stitches that were all the same size, and masking them to get the effect of changing width, but it didn't look real. :D)

So I got on the web and looked.

I didn't find any.

But I did find a piece of Quilting software for the Mac (and PC, by the way,) called Quilt Pro 5 that lets you apply embroidery designs to the quilt blocks, and shows them in 3D. Unfortunately. it looks like it only uses pre-loaded designs from Amazing Designs. If there was a way to load your own that would be wonderful; and it would probably also be mentioned in the spiel, which it isn't.

The more I looked at the software, though, the more I thought that this is something that I might be able to use in Second Life. I could make quilts and put them on ... something. Yeah, that's the ticket! I could make them look like real quilted pieces really easily. (I could also do that without this software, of course, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun!)

And then I started to notice that a whole bunch of fabric manufacturers had given permission for their fabric to be used for the blocks in the software (for fairly obvious reasons, since once you've planned the quilt with a certain fabric, you're going to want to buy the same stuff to make the real quilt.)

The next thing I knew, I was wandering around the web looking at really sumptuous, beautiful fabric. (The material at Kona Bay, for example is stunning. I'm going to have to write them, and ask for permission to use it in SL.)

I think I need to learn to quilt, in my copious free time. :D

And yes, I did get everything done for the new kid's skin but the knees. I did them 3 times, but they kept coming out wrong, so I decided to stop for a while, and just look at more fabric. And write this blog. :D And maybe figure out if I can really justify getting another piece of software.

After which, I'll have to justify learning how to quilt. :D


Robin Wood needs to figure out how to put more time into each day.

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