Friday, August 04, 2006

Moving Right Along ...

I'm doing some better today (my fever was almost back down to normal, and I only slept half the day. :D )

At any rate, I managed to get 18 t-shirts made, in various colors, and I even got the screen shots done, so I can put the vendors together tomorrow. Hopefully! (If the weather holds, and the crik don't rise, as they used to say.)

I've been reworking some old knotwork I did ages ago to use on these shirts, as well as doing new stuff just for them. Today, among other things, I made an old spiral design (that might be familiar from the front page of my Tarot Book) into a gem-studded medallion. I'm really very happy with the way it turned out, so I'm gonna show it off.

A Celtic Spiral Medallion

Like this, of course, it looked too much like a shield that was stuck on the front of the shirt; so I put a texture on it so it would look like it was printed there. But I'm going to be using it on other things, too, I think. It's too good to use just one place.

By the way, I did this using a combination of the built-in Photoshop Effects, hand painting (for the round cabochons,) and Super Blade Pro from Flaming Pear. If you haven't seen their plug-ins, and you use Adobe Photoshop (or anything that reads plug-ins in that format,) then I highly recommend that you take a look at them. I have several. They aren't expensive at all (Super Blade Pro is $30 US. The most expensive single filter they have costs $35 US, and their most expensive bundle is $50. If you've priced many plug-ins, you know just how reasonable that is!)

And they work really, really well. I love 'em, as I've said.

Oh, by the way, that design is copyrighted, of course. So please don't just grab it and use it without permission. If you really need it for something, write to me, and make your case. I might give you the permission you need. Thanks.

So, that's all for me for tonight! More tomorrow!


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