Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Booth at Inner Child

My friend, Marianne, got me a booth at Inner Child Depot (Booth D9, if anyone wants to look at it.) Thanks, Mari!

The booth is really necessary for selling skins; but the thing about a booth is that you have to have something in it, or it makes the mall look bad and is bad for everyone's business.

So I spent a good deal of Wednesday (when I wasn't just chatting to one person or another) pulling stuff together to place in the booth.

Some of the stuff is just slight revisions of stuff I already had; kid-sized versions of the Dragonfly Pixie Wings, the Beach Pail, and so on. (Thanks again, Mari, for suggesting those!) Some of it was new, but really easy, such as the Basketball. I did that texture for the Texture Tutorials, and just had to slap it on a sphere and size it properly. (Although there was a humorous moment when I nearly used the circumference of a real ball as the diameter of the SL ball. Talk about being out of scale!)

But I actually did some work for the new Doll Cradle that I made. The cradle itself went together in minutes, of course, and I managed to use the demo of the Quilt Software I'm thinking of buying. The rest of the texture took a little longer, because I got kind of carried away, as I tend to do.

But I'm fairly pleased with the result.

picture of the doll bed

What do you think?

I also made it Modifiable, so that people who buy one can resize it to fit their doll, lift the quilt, put the doll in the bed, and lower the quilt again. So you can actually play with the thing. :D

I was thinking of putting a script in it, so it will rock; but then I realized that I could do that, but I don't know any way to make the doll rock along with the cradle. A stationary doll with the cradle rocking around it wouldn't look quite as convincing, I think. But if anyone knows how to get around that, I'm open to suggestion!

The quilt looks good; and it also occurred to me that I could use the software to make quilt patterns for the Stained Glass. That would make it worth-while enough to justify, I think. So I'm probably going to go ahead and buy it.

I also thought about taking the baseball texture that I used in Forgotten Toys and making a couple of baseballs (an old one, and a new one.) I did some work on that, such as removing the trademarks and things from the baseball cover, but got distracted and decided to wait on that one and get the cradle done instead.

But it's quite possible that there will be a few more balls and another pair of wings or so before this time tomorrow.

So, I put all this stuff out in my 25-Prims-Allowed booth, and found out how few 25 prims actually is! Turns out that I had to contact the Mall owner and have my allotment increased to 50, and that's without the skin vendors in there at all! So I'll probably have abbreviated versions of various things at Inner Child, and set up a Kids Store on some of the land that I just purchased next to my main Benten store.

And that's the news for today! Thanks for reading it. :D


Marianne McCann said...

You are more than welcome -- gotta get you into Playland, too. :-)

Everything looks great! I looove the cradle!

Robin Wood said...

:D I'm glad!

That's a wonderful picture you sent, of your doll all tucked in. Thanks! (Is there any chance you could post it? Or give me a full perm version so I can? :D )

Marianne McCann said...

Why, here's a link to it...

And here's another piccie featuring the bed...

Hope you're feelin' better!


Robin Wood said...

Thanks, Mari!