Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday, Aug. 10

I'm afraid that I'm still not over whatever it is I've been fighting. I know this is probably getting boring for you (imagine how it is for me! :D ) but I slept a great deal of the day today.

However, I did manage to get some useful stuff done. I did a commissioned Freckle skin for a customer in SL that was ordered yesterday. And I managed to get the first of the three Avatar maps for the Kids finished! (All SL AVs have 3 maps; Head, Upper Body, and Lower Body.)

So, this is what the face for the a little girl looks like.

picture of SL Girl

As I thought, this wasn't too hard; just a matter of making the cheeks a little more rosy, making the shadows a little lighter, and doing new eyebrows. Except for the teeth. I knew I'd have to make new ones, because it totally ruins the illusion when a six year old smiles with a mouthful of adult teeth.

But the mesh doesn't have teeth, of course; it has a half-ring that teeth are painted on, and no way to change the height of that ring. So, since baby teeth are shorter than adult teeth, there was room left over at the bottom of the ring. Painting it dark didn't work, since the ring actually slightly overlaps the bottom lip when the avatar smiles. I wound up making the extra space kind of pink, and that meant that I had to paint a palette, inside the mouth, too. But I think it turned out okay.

Here's what the goofy Avatar smile looks like, with this skin and shape.

picture of SL Girl smiling

I'm going to do a skin with at least one front tooth missing, too; because that's what happens whey you're a small child. :D

So that's it for today. I got well into the Upper body, too; but the hands and elbows need more work still, so I'm not going to post any of that just yet.

Maybe tomorrow, if all goes well!


Marianne McCann said...

These are awesome! I'm gonna hafta go get one as soon as I'm home from the boring place! Wow!

Marianne McCann said...

/me reads the end of the post, and dips into her bag of patience :-)

Robin Wood said...

Thank, Marianne! Glad that you like it.

WIth any luck, it'll be ready to sell sometime early next week.

See you in-game!

Astella W. said...

I really enjoy reading about your progress! Thanks Robin.