Thursday, August 31, 2006

Too Busy for Pictures ...

The last few days have been very busy and productive; too busy to manage to get shots of the things I've been working on, and post them, I'm afraid. Maybe I'll carve out some time to do that tomorrow.

But ... I have the Kid Skins for Second Life all finished; just have to make the Vendor Shots. (I'd hoped to get some of them done tonight, and post them here, but SL was down when I tried to get in to make them. Sigh.)

I've also finished the Winter Tree for the Stained Glass. That makes all four seasons for that one design.

A great deal of this week has been spent on the Glass stuff. There's quite a bit of good news there. Some I'm not sure I can tell you until the General Announcements are made next week.

But the thing I can share is the news that my Bella Boss has told me they can start printing the Faux Stained Glass on acrylic, fabric, and a couple of other substrates, for people to purchase to hang in their windows. This isn't the same thing as the Pella Decorative Panels that go "between the glass." This is just for hanging by a chain or something.

But it will give those who are interested a way to have some art that will hang in the window and provide a measure of privacy while still allowing light into the room. Anyway, I'll be posting a couple of images here, and lots more on my website, as soon as I have a few moments to spare.

Right now, all the work has made me very tired, and I'm gonna go crash.


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