Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back Home

This is the final post about my Dad.

We drove out to see him on Sunday, as mentioned in the last post, because the Doctor said to get there as soon as we could. So we drove for 12 hours straight, stopping only to use the facilities and grab food which we ate while driving.

But it was worth it. We got there in time, while he was still alert and able to talk with us.

By that time, the results of the echo-cardiogram were in. It turned out that the mitral valve stenosis had progressed until the opening, which had been at 60% of normal during his last checkup, was down to the size of a pencil. Basically, his systems were shutting down.

We moved him into the Hospice in the same hospital on Tuesday, around dinner time, and he slipped away while he was sleeping on Tuesday night, just before midnight. Michael was there with him, and he died so very peacefully that Michael, who had looked away from the bed to check something for my younger sister, didn't realize he had died.

The funeral was on Friday.

So, we're home now. Sad, but peaceful, since he's with my Mom again, and no longer in any distress at all.

Thanks for all your concern and support. We deeply appreciate it.

Robin Wood


Kristian Ming said...

Words just don't make do in times like this, so here's a quiet *hug* from a stranger for you to replace what words can't say.

Robin Wood said...

Thanks, kristian. I really appreciate it.

Nytemyst Grace said...

*hugs* to you and your family, Robin.. If you need me, I'm here.

Robin Wood said...

Thanks, nytemyst. That means a lot to me. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Many hugs to you and your family

Robin Wood said...

Thanks so much, danielle! I really appreciate it.