Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Kids Skins are Done!

After working on them for Way Too Long, I've finally finished the Kid's skins, and put them out for sale in my booth in Inner Child and at Playland Mall.

There are eight flavors, like there are with all the skins I do. If you want to see face shots of the skin flavors, or read the blurb or get the links to the stores in SL, all of that info is on the Second Life Forum site, here.

I put these into a new kind of vendor, designed by my friend Shadow Weaver and someone else (whose name, I'm ashamed to admit, I don't recall.) The scripts are supplied, and you design your own vendor. The Kid's Skin Vendor looks like this.

picture of the new vendor, which looks like a chalkboard from an elementary school

The vendors are wonderful! You can assign things to Categories and Sub Categories, and the Customer can pick from them, so you can put a huge number of things in the same vendor without requiring someone to stand there clicking for an hour!

This vendor, for instance, uses 19 prims (plus 1 for the chalk tray, and 8 for the images above the board that hold the Demo skins,) to sell skins in 8 skin flavors and 5 brow flavors. That's 34 skin packs, at the moment (the lighter brow colors aren't available in the darkest skin tones, since they never sell anyway,) and will be many more. But you can find the one you're looking for in a couple of clicks!

To do that with "normal" 3 prim vendors, I'd have to use 24 prims, minimum, and the vendors would be overloaded very quickly, and so much clicking required that people would be likely to get discouraged, and just leave.

The skin vendor setup in Serenite uses 64 prims to do the same thing; and is so confusing that people often accidentally buy the wrong skin. It also takes a bunch of typing to update, while this one just requires me to drop the new items for sale into the vendor! Much easier!

It's hard to tell in the .jpg, but the selected category and subcategory are written in yellow chalk, while the rest are in white chalk. Which looks very effective, in person!

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about them. They are going to make my Second Life a whole lot simpler!

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