Monday, September 04, 2006

Life Intrudes...

I haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped the last few days, (it being Sunday night around midnight as i write this, no matter what the date says.)

On Thursday, a few hours after my last post, I got a call from my younger sister saying that our 83 year old father had just been taken to the hospital. Tests confirmed that he was bleeding internally, and yesterday they found that he has ulcers in his colon, probably as the result of taking Naprosyn for his arthritis.

But they gave him an MRI today, and they're keeping him in the hospital, and he's having a hard time keeping food down, or breathing.

So, of course, I've spent a great deal of the last few days on the phone with one person or another, and trying to figure out if we need to make the 750 mile trip to see him right now.

I've been trying to work, in the corners of time I have, and have managed to get some of the Vendor shots done for the Kid's Skins. I was going to do more tonight, but by the time I got off the phone with my stepson and daughter-in-law, the grid was down.

With any luck, I'll have pictures for you tomorrow.

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