Monday, September 25, 2006

New Vendors up in Benten

I've finally gotten the new vendors up in the store in Serenite, and my main AV store in Benten.

I think they look pretty good, and they are certainly easier to use (now the initial set up has been done.) With any luck, my customers will like them too.

This is what they look like, in Benten (which is PG, so the images are family-safe for this blog, as well.

picture of the new vendors

I actually got them done day before yesterday, although I didn't get them arranged in the store until yesterday. (I had to move stuff around so they'd fit.)

Most of yesterday I spent working on a new crystal ball for Second Life. When you look into it, you can see a hillside covered with rocks, grass, and primroses. As you watch, 8 different kinds of butterflies pop out of the flowers, fly up into the air, and then go back down where they vanish into the undergrowth.

Of course, the butterflies are actually particles, so they don't so much fly as.. ummm ... get shot stiffly into the air, turn abruptly, and dive back down, all without a single wing beat. But hey, there are 8 kinds, and they are quite pretty anyway. And we have to work within the constraints of the system. :D

Many thanks to my friend Lily, who gave me the script that made the multi-sprites possible.

Of course, now that I have done that one, I have all kinds of thoughts for more, in the same vein. And I think I might do some wings, too, if I can find a script that will let me actually move them.

Goodness knows I have the textures!

And I have to make makeup, because it's Fall now, and the Summer makeup on all those skins is suddenly out of date.

So much to do, so little time! :D


marianne.mccann said...

I think that crystal ball is simply wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Robin. I just wanted to let you know that I started reading your book tonight. I got through the "mego" and "anti-mego" chapter. Taking your advice and finishing the book before I work on the exercises. Would you mind if I posted some of my thoughts on your book on my daily life blog? (My book blog is only for books relating to my career). Thanks and goddess bless

Anonymous said...

Also wanted to say that you are an excellent teacher and are very gifted in putting things in simple, yet honest words.
I am "anti-mego" for sure.
In the process of snapping.
Have a great night.

Robin Wood said...

Thanks, Mari!

Danielle, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to reply to this.

Of course you can put your thoughts about "When, Why ... If" on your blog! They're you're thoughts, after all. :D

You can even quote from the book, as long as you don't quote more than half of the entire thing. :D

And thanks for the kind words. I'm glad that you are enjoying my work.

Thanks again for your patience!


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