Monday, October 30, 2006

Goth Skins Up in Second Life

I got the first of the Goth Skins up in Second Life at Intemptesta Nox last night.

It's just one makeup choice at the moment. I was trying to get several done in time for Halloween; but I've been sick, and the person I'm collaborating with, (who'll be doing the design work, since she's involved with Goth stuff, and I'm not,) has been too busy with her Real Life to do any. So last night I decided to go ahead, put the one I have done into vendors, and let it go at that for now.

Because some of the people who do Goth stuff also do whiteface (especially in Second Life, where it's so very easy to do,) I've added a new color, called "Salt", to the skin tones I offer. The same makeup is also available on my Cream skin, since some of the Goth people in SL won't wear white skins, preferring to distance themselves from the Vampire crowd.

Anyway, this is what it looks like, with dots over the naughty bits, since this is a Family Friendly blog. (I put an M on the dots, to mean that they are Mature content. But don't they look just like Goth 'm&m's?)

White Goth Skin, full length view

Here's a close-up of the Makeup, in case you'd like to see that as well.

Close up of the Goth Makeup

So that's done, at least for now.

I was still a bit under the weather yesterday, so, except for the skin, I mostly just went to Halloween parties and things in SL.

Which was fun, but isn't terribly productive. :D

More later!

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21firewire said...

Robin, this skin is beautiful!
I've just discovered your blog, as I mentioned in my earlier comment, under "Too Many New Toys". (Do your read comments to your older blog postings? I hope so!)
I'll be back to read more as soon as I've got through your archives...