Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Kid's Clothes

Sorry that it's been a week since I've written.

I woke after writing my last post, and logged into Second Life to find that the person who had offered me vending space in Nox months ago had returned everything I had there; so there are no Goth skins in world after all. It seems that she changed her mind, and I didn't know it because I was unable to reach her to make sure it was still okay before I put things there. So I went ahead, assuming that the old invitation was still open, and it wasn't. Sigh.

Still, even though it was my own fault, it was very discouraging, and between that and being sick again (sore throat and bad cough this time,) I didn't get much done for a few days.

However, I'm feeling a bit better now, and I've managed to get some Kid's Clothing finished! These are based on the same "pattern" as the Halloween outfit I did, but instead of having a picture on the front, they have a butterfly applique.

This is what the "Purple and Pink" one looks like.

picture of the pink and purple outfit

I also did one in a Red Kaleidoscope pattern, a a Blue Geometric pattern, and a Dark Blue with White Flowers on it, (If you want to see the Pink and Purple full size, it's here.)

I made all the fabrics for these with Artlandia's SymmetryShop. The more I use that plug-in, the more I like it. I had a ball making these, especially the Red Kaleidoscope one. In fact, I probably have something like 40 patterns based on the "seed" for that one now. (I haven't counted.) It's like using a real Kaleidoscope. Every time you tweak something, another beautiful pattern emerges, and I find that I want to save them all!

Anyway, if you are interested in these, there's a post on the SL Forums saying where they are. But you can find them in the normal three places where I sell kid's stuff. (If you are reading this, and want them but can't find them, IM me in world - Robin Sojourner - and I'll be delighted to drop a landmark on you.)

In slightly different news, Bella is getting a new router that will be installed at the end of the month, and will allow them to cut the "stained glass" plexi-glass into any shape at all! If you want a dog, for instance, it will cut you a dog! So, starting some time in December or January, you should be able to buy my Faux Stained Glass to hang in your very own windows. That's the Plan, anyway.

And that's about all I've been doing this last week. Well, that and taking NyQuil, and having Weird Dreams. But that's all that I imagine interests anyone reading this! :D

That's it for today. If you live in the US, don't forget to get out and vote!


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