Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've been working...

Wow. A ton of stuff has happened since I last posted.

That's the problem with too many new toys; they soak up every minute of your time.

My new island, which is called Livingtree, opened to the public on Memorial Day Weekend. Since then, it's been a fairly busy place.

I'm very happy with it, really. I built a bunch of new buildings to house my various stores, expanded the Texture Tutorial to include a Texture Library where you can read/buy books, and set up all kinds of fun places to explore and things to do.

I'm still working on it, of course, and trying to fit in other projects and things.

Most recently, I've made a set of lanterns (I needed one for the landing where we have arranged for Snap's Kayaks to be sold.)

I decided that it would be really neat if they look like the full moon when they are lit, so that's what I did. They have a menu (owner only) that lets you turn them off, light them, or set them to light automatically at dusk, and extinguish themselves at dawn.

Here's a picture of them.

picture of the moon lanterns

I did three of them, because I was enjoying myself, and got kind of carried away. The avatar is there just so you can see the scale of the things.

They are for sale in the "Gadgets" section of my AV Store. If you're in Second Life, check my Profile Picks for a tp.

The Prairie Style lamps from the Texture Library are also for sale now, with the same script in them.

Other than that, I've done Boy Shapes, several different articles of clothing, a book for the library about how to texture the insides of Hollow Prims, and various other odds and ends and bits and pieces since the island opened.

I have a million projects planned too. But I keep coming down with infections. ugh. Have to get over that somehow.

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Mari said...

No more of dat sickness stuff for you!

(Funny how I always know when to check your blog...)