Thursday, September 20, 2007

Promised Pirate Pictures!

Here, as promised, is the picture of the Sculptie Rum Bottle.

Well, two of them, really. I did change the original bottle a little to make this one; but all I did was make the body more of a square, and less of a rectangle, so it would look good with a candle in it.

Everyone who went on the Treasure Hunt, and said anything about it to any of us, seemed to really enjoy it. So that's good.

Here's a bonus picture of Marianne MaCann, who, along with her brother Pygar Bu, is actually responsible for all the work of getting the treasure hunt together. (I made the bottle, and put the shirts together with the skull and crossbones image that Mari gave me. The two kids did all the rest.) We're standing at the goal of the hunt, with the Pirate's Personal Property (otherwise knows as The Loot.)

And that's all for tonight. More about Sculpties tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hey robin,

I am looking for terry buskes email.
I worked with her at llewellyn. my email is

let me know... i love your
art. i am very jealous.