Sunday, December 09, 2007

Demos for Girls Cold Skins Out!

Several people have been asking me for demos for the Cold Weather Skins for little girls, so I got those done yesterday, and placed in all the spots where I sell my kid skins.

They aren't selling well at all. I'm not sure if this is because there were no demos, if it's because people don't think to look for them in the Skin Vendor (which, by the way, totally confuses me. Where else would they be? There are 54 of them; I can't afford the prims to put them in a dedicated vendor) or if there simply is no demand.

Well, it sounded like a good idea. :D

Because of the lack of sales, however, I no longer plan to do the whole vendor thing for the boy's skins. Instead, I'm going to put out some demo skins today sometime, along with a note that says that if any boys are interested, they can IM me, and I'll be delighted to sell them a skin.

If I sell a dozen or so, I will put them in the vendors. But if I don't, it doesn't seem to me to be worth the time that it will take to do all of that, when I could be doing something else that people DO want.

Speaking of which, there should be Luminaria with Winter Holiday designs on them later today. This is a teaser. :D


iskandra said...

Robin, I think it *might* have to do with the skins being just in the regular vendor-I spent a while looking for them, too, until I thought "let's try the normal skin vendor". Maybe a sign at the vendor or something would help?
Alyx Sands

Robin Wood said...

Hi Alyx!

Yeah, someone else told me that, too, although it puzzles me. Where else would skins be? There are 64 "flavors" of each skin, every time I make one. (Freckles and non-freckles, for six skin tones times 5 eyebrow colors, plus the two eyebrow colors in Toffee, and the Truffle and Cocoa skins, which only have one.)

That's too many to put into any other kind of vendor, which is why I have the skin vendors in the first place. :D

But I think that people might not realize that there are arrows on the bottom of the vendor, so I changed the texture last night, so the arrows say, "More Skins Back" and "More Skins Forward" next to them.

Perhaps that will help.

I would put up a sign ("Skins in Skin Vendor!" :D) but the only place I have the prims to do that is Livingtree. I dunno.

The Demo skin thing says in the Description that the skins are in the main vendor, but maybe I should put that on the face of it, too.

What do you think?

iskandra said...

Hi Robin,

I think just replacing the sign you already have at Livingtee with one that includes "to be found in the skin vendor" would do it. I think with all the seasonal special things out and about, people might expect some "extra" space for the special skins, too. then again, maybe not everyone is as bind as I am...and I'm already wearing glasses even in SL ;)