Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Goody Boxes!

The Holiday Goodie Boxes are out at Livingtree. I think you'll like them. There's one for kids, and one for adults. You can pick up either or both; they're free. (Pay L$0 to get them.)

picture of the two wrapped boxes

You'll find them on the wall that surrounds the Livingtree, in the center of the Island.

Marianne McCann put in a really funny toy surprise (it's in both of them) and I put some clothing, candy, and stuff in both as well. (More clothing, in the Adult one, and less Stuff. :D ) And the best part; once you've emptied them, you can reuse the box to give something to someone else. (It's mod/transfer.)

Here's a brief glimpse of a couple of the things you'll find in there.

picture of Robin Sojourner, wearing a blue and white Moose Sweater and holding a Vigil Candle

Both the sweater I'm wearing and the candle I'm holding are new, and both are in the Goody Box for a limited time, so come and get yours!

I'm going to be doing more of the sweaters, in different colors, and putting them up for sale. I was hoping to have that all done today, but this time of year, it's hard to arrange the time!

On a totally different note; my partner, Skyia, is going through massage school, and needs bodies to work on. (She has to do 10 massages a month, and can only work on any one person 3 times during the school year.) She's incredibly good, by the way. So, if you're in my area (and if you are, and you know me, you know who you are,) give me a call, and we can arrange a time! Skyia will thank you, and your body will thank you. :D

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