Friday, December 21, 2007

Nordic Moose Sweaters for Adults!

Between Second Life being down a good deal of the time for a couple of days, and suddenly getting sick, it took longer than expected. But the adult sweaters are finally up and ready to go!


I wasn't sure that they were going to work at all for a while, since guys will have to wear four pieces to really make them look the way I'd planned for them to look. So I sent them to a guy on my friend's list, and a couple from Mari's, and got feedback. The result? They think that they are great, and no, four pieces isn't too much; guys like to look good too. (Or, in the case of my friend, their wives want them to look good, and will see to it that they wear all four pieces. :D )

And besides, they look good, I'm told, without all four. Which is the way I suspect a lot of guys will wear them.

The jacket collar looked bad, though; all blurry and ugly. So I remade that with an Alpha, remade the skirts so there was more pattern that looked good when it was lengthened, and did the other small tweaks that were recommended, and they are now in the store, and ready to go.

I realized, at the last minute, that I'd made 18 colors, but none of them were brown. So I made that one, too, and now there are 19 colors of sweater, just waiting for people to pick them up.

If you'd like one, you can get it from Robin (Sojourner) Wood's AV Store, Livingtree (104, 128, 24). L$100, Mod/Copy/NO Transfer (but there's a Gift Button on the Vendor.)

See you there!


Roanne said...

Hi Robin. I have your Tarot deck and the book and thought you were going to publish another on spreads. If you have, can you give me the name? If not, can you point me in the direction of some spreads you like?
Thanks very much. All the best, Roanne

Robin Wood said...

Hi roanne!

I'm afraid that book hasn't happened yet.

When I wrote the Tarot book, I had every intention of getting another one done, with the spreads, fairly soon afterwards. But I had forgotten how much it costs to publish a book. (I've been self-publishing, for a number of reasons.)

And then I wandered off, and did other stuff, and eventually my health folded. (I'm much better now.)

At this point, I'm still working on a Philosophy book (the problem being that it's like hitting a very fast moving target,) and the Tarot Spreads book has been pushed to the farthest back burner.

Umm.. I just use the Celtic Cross, as explained in the little book that goes with the deck. It's always worked well for me, and I've never found the need for anything fancier.

But if you search for Tarot Spreads, I'm sure that you'll come up with about 139,000 hits.

The first one is a from The Aeclectic Tarot and is a page of links to hundreds of spreads.

I haven't looked at any of them, but you might find them interesting.

It's a place to start, anyway. :D

Hope this helps, and I'm sorry I can't give you better news about the book I was writing!


Roanne said...

Thanks! I wondered why in the booklet there are interpretations for reversed cards but not in your book.

Robin Wood said...

Short answer? Because Llewellyn insisted that the "traditional meanings" for reversed cards were listed in the booklet, but I didn't make me put them in the book. :D

You may notice that I didn't even write that booklet.

I made my husband do it.

I don't use reversed cards. If one comes up, I just turn it around, just like I'd turn a postcard or book around so it's right way up before I read it.

From my point of view, there are plenty of cards in the deck; enough to cover everything without "reversed meanings."

It also annoys me that all the "good" cards mean the exact opposite when reversed, while the "bad" cards are only slightly less horrible.

To my mind, that's not balanced.

It means that the "bad" meanings outweigh the "good" ones. Which seems to imply that bad things are far more likely to happen than good things; a view of the Universe that pretty much guarantees that your life will be - ummm - more unpleasant than it needs to be. (What we get out of life is highly influenced by what we expect to get.)

All of which being said, there is one way of looking at reversed cards that makes sense to me; and that is to read them as something that's unstable, liable to change, or in a state of flux.

This interpretation just adds another nuance to the reading, instead of another batch of meanings that have to be memorized.

(You might have noticed that I don't hold with memorizing meanings in the first place; I think that interferes with the creative process that otherwise occurs when you read the cards.)

However, of course, all of this is only my opinion. You can, and should, read however you like.