Monday, December 10, 2007

Winter Design Luminaria!

Yesterday was a very busy day!

People have been asking for some time if I can put designs on my Luminaria, like the cut outs you see on real ones.

I'm delighted to say that, finally, the answer is "Yes. Yes I can."

The scripts are written, the tests are done, and you can now buy Luminaria with eight different Winter designs available.

picture of eight luminaria, standing in the snow

They run from a menu, so they are very low lag, and are only one or two prims each (depending on which ones you put out.

I decided to not give them actual cut-out, so that there would be no difficulty with alpha sorting issues. (You know, when two transparent things overlap, and SL makes it look like the one in front is actually in back, and vice versa.) In my tests, there was very little difference between the way they looked from the front when they were lit. When they were not lit, the one without transparency actually looked better. (part of the design was invisible against the inside, since there aren't real shadows in SL, and light goes right through stuff.)

The only place they really looked better was from the inside looking out, and face it, if you camera down to look inside the bag, you'll notice it has no candle, and no bottom, so that's going to break the illusion anyway.

If you really want them with Alphas, though, I can do it easily enough. Just IM and tell me.

So those are in all the Landscape Additions vendors, and also out in Practical Magic in Serenite.

I also got snowmen and other things out in Serenite, and was invited to put things for sale in Winterland as well..(I'm really pretty jazzed about that. :D )

Next up, the demos for the Snow Play skins for the boys, and then working on the freebie bag!

I'm also (finally) getting over the lingering infection I've had for the last six weeks or so. And there was much rejoicing.

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