Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bears and Worn Jeans!

I'm still pretty sick, even though I've been on Keflex for days now; so things that should take a single day are taking two (or more!)

But I have managed to get the bears out, and in vendors in all my Kick the Can stores.

Little Kid holding three teddys all at once.

That was yesterday, although I was too whipped to post about it.

Today, I got 36 pairs of new Worn Jeans out.

Picture of Jeans, from 3 angles, with a bar showing the nine colors on the bottom

It took me about half an hour to make all the jeans variations (they are based on the Kid's Dirty Jeans, but without the Dirt, and in lots more colors.) Then it took about 10 hours to make the vendor objects to sell them from. Gah. I wish there was a better way to sell clothing in SL!

But they are done now, and ready for you to grab, in my my main AV Store at Livingtree (104, 128, 24).

You have your choice of nine different colors of denim, with four different thread colors, for L$50. Or you can buy all the thread colors of any one denim color for L$150, or all the denim colors in a single thread color for L$300.

I think you'll like these, assuming you want a pair of jeans that's throughly "broken in." There are lots of details; "whiskers" on the front pockets, a hole in the knee that you can see your skin through, and a smaller one in the back, lots of worn patches, and frayed cuffs.

You'll also find that you never have to worry about the "V-Chunk" in the bottom hem. The way I make jeans, it just doesn't happen. (You might have some irregularity in the hem if the jeans aren't fully rezzed, but that's a different issue, and will go away once they are.)

They are mod/copy/no transfer, so you can make as many length, looseness, and tint variations as you like. I'm also providing them both as Pants and Underpants, so you should be able to layer them, wear them tucked in to your favorite pair of boots etc. fairly easily.

Come down and take a look!

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