Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Site is Up; but the Shopping Cart Isn't

The good news is that the site has been migrated, and no longer shows a blank "News" page, and all the links and so on appear to be working. I can also add things to it now, and all of that good stuff.

The bad news is that the shopping cart is completely offline. Michael says that's probably because our User ID has changed, internally, and he's going to get the people who make the Shopping Cart to migrate the certificate, and tell him what we need to change (or change it themselves) or whatever needs to be done to get up and working again. But, since it's now a weekend, and Monday is a holiday here in the states (Martin Luther King Day) it's unlikely that anything is going to happen before Tuesday, at the earliest.

So, once again, if you would like to place an order, I'm afraid that you'll have to phone it in until we get back up again.

I'm really, really sorry for the inconvenience, and grateful for your patience.

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