Thursday, January 03, 2008

Teddy Bear Workshop!

I've been working on Teddy Bears!


As you can see, they use the same Sculpty base as the Limited Sales Date Holiday bear, but, of course, they are quite different in the details.

For one thing, these guys have bows, not hats and scarves, and the bows have a color-changing script, so you can make them any one of 12 colors by picking from the menu. (Or infinitely more, by selecting the prims and tinting them, of course. The bears are Copy/Mod, after all. :D )

Like the Holiday Bears, you can move the arms and legs very much the way you would be able to with a real bear. I mean, a real toy bear. Attempting to move the arms and legs of real live bears is not recommended!

Anyway, the bears themselves are done now, and if I can get pictures made, and vendors together, they will be out in the various Kick the Can stores by tomorrow!

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