Saturday, January 26, 2008

Valentine Candy Boxes in SL!

I have the Valentine's candy "Talking Hearts" out in all my stores in SL.

You know those chalky little hearts with stuff printed on them that you can get in Real Life? Well, now you can have them in Second Life, too!

Picture of the Candy Box, with images of the candy itself behind it.

They come in little square boxes that have an animation so you can hold them in your left hand. If you touch the box, it gives you a random piece of candy from a pool of 24 pieces. If you find the candy in your Inventory and Wear it, you will hold it up in your right hand for a moment and look at it. While you do that, the candy reads itself in open chat, so everyone can enjoy the saying on it. Then you pop it into your mouth, and the candy disappears.

You can only eat a single piece one time, so you may as well delete it after you've eaten it. But you can always take another. There's an unlimited supply of them in the box!

There are also special boxes for your Lover, Mother, Father, Sister or Brother, with six special sayings just for them!

I'm afraid that only the owner can take candy, because of the limitations of the Permissions System in Second Life. But at only L$100 a box, you can afford to get your friends their own! On sale now, at all Kick the Can stores, and at Robin (Sojourner) Wood's AV Store

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