Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Web Hosting Problems

I've been having web hosting problems since I last posted, which is why I stopped posting.

Briefly, my web host has been bought and sold a number of times since my original contract, and somewhere along the line, my disk allotment was cut drastically. I didn't realize this had happened; and someplace between Jan. 5 and Jan. 8, they decided to "enforce" the new size. The first I heard of it was when I tried to upload an image for the blog on Jan. 8, and was unable to. They informed me that I would have to cut my site by 45%, or get a new contract.

After several days of going back and forth (during most of which I was too sick to really care, or follow anything) we've decided to change our service with the same company for three months (the minimum time we can do so without paying a stiff penalty.) We're actually paying less per month now, for better service, with plenty of room for anything I need to post. And we have three months to really examine all the other service providers out there, and see where we'd like to go "for keeps."

The only thing that's still not working is the shopping cart; so please, don't place an order on my site right now, and if you have placed one in the last few days, please contact me.

I'll post as soon as we get it working again.

In the meantime, I'm able to post pictures once more, so here's the eyes that I finished last week!

Image of seven pairs of new eyes

They are in all the stores now.

Next up; new flannel shirts!


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