Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And now... CSS

I've been spending all my free time for a while learning more web skills, so I can update my website.

For the last few days, I've been studying CSS (Cascading Style Sheets; it's a Web Design thing,) using the excellent video tutorials at

Finally, I felt confident enough that I went ahead and updated the "News" page on the first page of my site. It was a real mess before; I won't go into it, but I'll say I wasn't proud of the code, but it did what I wanted it to do.

But now, it looks just like I want it to look, and it's real live CSS! It even validates and everything!

So I'm a Happy Camper. :D

Okay, this might not look like a big deal to anyone else, but it's going to bring my website into the Twenty-first Century. Until now, I've taken the Lazy Way and done all my pages in a WYSIWYG Website Editor. Several of them. Over the course of a decade. Which has some really nice points, but gah... the code that it's left me with! I think it's quite possible that the News page is the only one on my entire site that does validate. And it's not like I'm not capable of writing code. :D

So from now on, it's all going to be a lot better; especially if you're using a Screen Reader or something. Although it's probably going to take months to update the whole site.

Still, it needs doing, and it will be great to have it done.

In the meantime, if you guys want to see what can be done with CSS check out the CSS Zen Garden It's amazing.

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