Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've been a little slow about Blogging the stuff I've been doing. Okay, I've been a lot slow. :D

But over the last week I've gotten several things done. (I've also been sick, which is why I was slow, but I'm much better now.)

On Friday the 22, Marianne McCann had her second RezDay in Second Life. (That's the anniversary of the day when she first came into the "World".)

To celebrate, we opened the big tent behind the school. Yep, it's going to be for parties and things, and when it's not being used for an Event, it's going to have Party Things for sale.

I made her a cake. :D

Two Tier cake, with pink and yellow icing roses

It's one that I scripted, so when the owner touches it, she gets a menu that lets her light the candles, blow them out, or get a slice of cake. Everyone else just gets a slice.

I was particularly happy with the icing roses, which are single prim sculpties. It's not quite ready to sell yet, because I need to make the frosting leaves out of sculpties, too. Or make them part of the roses. The thing is, the roses are one prim each, but so are those leaves, so most of the prims in the cake are from leaves!

It looks really good when the lights are out, and the candles are lit, too. :D

Two Tier cake, with pink and yellow icing roses

Behind the cake, you can see a present. That's a new one, using a script that my friend Eleadon wrote. (We swapped some stuff, which is why I have it.) I need to tweak it just a bit more, but it's really great. You can set it to open for a specific person, and when they open it, it really opens, and there's a sound and a huge particle shower for a couple of seconds. And they get whatever is in the box.

So I'll have those for sale, along with the cakes, by the end of next week (I hope.)

I've also been working on Pussy Willows bunches, for putting in Vases, and some Vases to put them in. And new Striped Sets for kids. And I've been learning to knit, so that there will be some really, really nice sweaters in SL come fall. And I have a new computer that's being delivered this afternoon. (It's already at the UPS Store, but Michael has to bring it home.)

It's been a busy week. I'll blog more about the rest, including pictures, later.

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