Friday, February 01, 2008

More New Flannel Shirts!

I've finished five more flannel shirts, and they are up for sale now!

Picture of the Burgundy Plaid Shirt

As always, all the plaid matches perfectly on the front and back of the arm, and between the top and bottom of the jacket, so they are completely seamless (except where there would be seams on a real shirt.) They also have all the details you've come to expect; buttons on the cuffs and pockets, satin lining on the collar seam so it won't scratch your virtual neck, yokes in the back, and so on.

The Burgundy Plaid is shown above. In addition, you can choose Navy Windowpane, Neon Blue (sure to wake you up,) Newspaper (so-called because it's black and white, and read all over, sorry, sorry,) or November Plaid (because that's the month I designed the plaid.)

In addition, I've upgraded all the old flannel shirts, so they are now mod/copy/no transfer. This should give you much more flexibility in terms of saving tinted, sleeveless, or otherwise modified shirts, and putting them into Outfits for quick change. :D

While I was at it, I added the Buttoned Up but Untucked version that some of you have been asking for to all the old shirts as well.

So now, all the flannel shirts come in all six styles. (Tucked, with buttoned cuffs or rolled sleeves, Untucked with buttoned cuffs or rolled sleeves, and Untucked and Open with buttoned cuffs or rolled sleeves.) The Untucked versions are on the Jacket Layer, because they have to be. The Tucked versions are on the Jacket, Shirt and Undershirt layers, so that you have the maximum layering potential. If you're counting, that means that there are ten different versions of the shirt in the pack, which still costs only L$100. Now, that's Value!

On sale now, at the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV Store at Livingtree (104, 128, 24).

See you there!

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