Friday, February 29, 2008

New Kick the Can Store

Masquerade Island, where Kick the Can started in the Clown Town Mall, has been sold and is now Guardian Island. The good news is that Clown Town has been reborn as Tiny Tykes Mall, and is still host to Kids Stores. :D

The new mall is very bright, fresh, and fun, with more of a Cartoon theme. When I heard that was going to be the case, I was wary, because it's been done so badly in some places in SL. However, Love Brokken did a great job with it, and it's delightful!

My store is #34, on the corner.

Front of Store #34, Kick the Can.

(As always, click the picture for a larger one.)

It's all purple and teal, and the colors couldn't go better with my stock if Love had designed it with me in mind. :D

All the stuff that was in the old store in Clown Town is there, and there's more room in the new store than there was in the old. (There is more yet in my Main Store, but Main Stores are like that.)

If you'd like to see the new place, come to Guardian Island and click on #34 on the big board for a teleport. (Or just walk the half block to the store. :D)

See you there!

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