Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something New Springing Up!

The snow is continuing to melt on the Island of Livingtree in Second Life. The trees have shaken the last of the frost off their branches, and spread their twigs in the warm sunshine. The red maples are in full bloom, while the plum trees and the .. ummm.. Trees of Indeterminate Species are simply bare (but not in a way that could be construed as Broadly Offensive.) I'm expecting Spring Beauties to appear tomorrow, and perhaps Glory of the Snow and Snowdrops, as well (if I have time to do them.) :D

Something else has sprung up, too, behind the School. A brand new Circus Tent!

New Blue and White striped tent, with Red Maples in bloom behind it, and only a tiny bit of snow in the foreground.

(If you come to Livingtree, try touching the panels on the tent. You can raise and lower them.)

I think everyone will like what's going in there; but it will have to wait until after Valentine's day. (Mari is doing our Valentine's decorations, and what I've seen so far looks great!)

In other news, I'm working on several different long-term projects. One of them is another book for the Texture Library that will explain all about Channels in Photoshop; what they are, how to make any Alpha Channel you want (with sections on extracting images from backgrounds, and doing things like Stained Glass,) and why Alphas are the least of the things you can do using Channels!

I've gotten the first part (what they are) written and illustrated, and decided it was too handy not to put up on the Web as a tutorial. So I've done that. You can find it here, if you'd like to take a look at it.


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