Friday, February 08, 2008

Spring is coming to Livingtree!

We might still be facing weeks and weeks of snow in Michigan, but Spring is definitely coming to Livingtree, my island in Second Life.

Swans swimming in the river, with a Weeping Willow with yellow branches on the bank behind them.

In the last week (starting at Imbolc, or Feb. 2,) the snow has begun to melt, the ice that has encased the river for the last couple of months has vanished, and the swans and ducks have returned to their normal haunts.

The willow trees have gone from being ice-covered to being covered in the bright yellow branches that herald Spring.

And, starting yesterday, the Pussy Willows burst out in fuzzy gray catkins!

Picture of pussy willows, in front of a huge rock, with more pussy willows and a yellow weeping willow and pine trees in the background.

The Pussy Willows have always been a special harbinger of Spring for me, and I searched all over Second Life for some (using the New Search) but was unable to find any. So I've taken the plunge, and started to make botanicals in earnest. :D

There are six different Pussy Willow plants, scattered around the island (if you want to see them all in close proximity, head for the Mud or the Drums.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to put them in a six pack, as well, so that you can buy all six different plants if you want to! Individual Pussy Willows cost L$25, the six pack will be L$100, and there will also be an Estate Pack (four of each of the six, or 24 pussy willows altogether, for L$250) Mod/No Copy/Transfer, so you can make them whatever size you want them to be, or sell them with land, or use them in your Home-Building or Landscaping Business.

I made the Weeping Willows, too, but I don't think I'm ready to sell those yet. For one thing, there are only 3 of them, and for another, I think that there won't be much market for those, unless they are part of a tree that changes for each season. (And yes, since I had to figure out how to make trees efficiently, I do plan on making trees with touch-change for seasonal variation.)

If I'm wrong, and you would be interested in the yellow weeping willows, let me know!

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