Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Head Template with Eyelash Alpha

I keep getting people asking about the eyelashes in Second Life; specifically why, when they make a skin, are the eyelashes opaque disks of solid color, instead of being the normal eyelashes.

The answer is that you need to use an Alpha Channel, so that the skin texture is transparent where the divisions between the eyelashes are.

Someone today, though, pointed out that he's using Photoshop Elements, and can't simply paste an image into the Alpha Channel. So I've just posted a head "template" with the correct Alpha channel for eyelashes already in place. You can find it on my website at this link. The download will start as soon as you click (it's not a page, just a zipped file) so be warned.

I'll be putting the link to it on the appropriate page on my website later tonight.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Hi! im making my own skin, it has eyelashed painted so i want to get rid completely of the system lashes, some creators seem to have acomplished this (for example redgrave's skin), do you know how to get rid completely of the system lashes? i've noticed that sometimes when i make a skin whitouth any alpha the eyelashes seem to vanish momentaneously but then the horrible square blocks appear.

Christian said...

Eyeleashes in SL skin:

Dont understand it anymore,
maybe there is a document how cause even if i use the template i still have sollid brown eyeleashes instead of black eyeleases can someone please help me or explain how i can get normal black eyeleashes ??

Thank you so much for the comment and help