Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Show and Tell

Every Sunday, in the Lummerland sim, florenze Kerensky hosts a Show and Tell, with the kindest, most supportive audience on the grid.

It's open to everyone, and the first few people who ask for a slot get to show a new original piece to the group. (I think there are nine slots available, but it's a number, and I'm not good with numbers, so I'm not sure.) When all the pieces have been shown, everyone in attendance can vote on the piece that they think should win first, second, and third prize.

Mari and Pygar go to Show and Tell quite a lot, and yesterday they convinced me to go as well, and show the Tea Set I'm working on for the Mother's Day Tea that Mari is planning.

When you touch the tray, the cups and creamer fill, steam comes from the teapot, 3 petit fours appear on the luncheon plate and it says, "Tea is served." When you touch it again, it all goes away, leaving spotless dishes.

If you touch the teapot, it gives you a cup of tea to hold in your right hand, and an empty saucer to hold in your left. If you touch the plate, it gives you your own plate of petit fours.

I made it mostly out of sculpties, creating the original mesh in LightWave 3D®, and then moving to Modo to do the UV Map that allows it to be read into Second Life™ as a "sculpted prim", generate the .tga file that's actually uploaded into the world, and do the texturing. (I'd do all of it in Modo, but I'm still much more comfortable with LightWave, since that's what I used for so many years.)

I'm particularly pleased with the way the petit fours came out. Squarish things with smooth sides are quite difficult to make with Sculpties, and I was amazed that the dab of icing came out as well as it did!

Here's a closeup, just because I'm so tickled with them.

Here's another detail, so you can see the cup more easily.

The other things that were being shown yesterday at the Show and Tell ranged from a really neat bookshelf that allowed you to edit the books, stored them on the shelf, and then displayed them when they were touched, to an umbrella that opened, closed, and changed colors, to a sky-cube environment with cubic mapped photographs in it so you felt like you were really at that place.

Someone was showing a gadget that allowed you to not only see who was in your sim, and where they were, but showed you the sim itself mapped in 3D, let you know the approximate age of your visitors, and allowed you to use anti-griefing tools to deal with troublemakers.

There was also an enourmous building (more than 900 prims worth) on wheels, an Anime costume, and some hand-drawn eyes that someone was wearing.

Mari showed a really wonderful Hi-Bounce ball, that looks exactly like a red rubber playground ball, and bounces 15 or 20 meters into the air when you touch it. (Do not taunt Hi-Bounce Ball.) Someone there remarked that the box is wonderful, too, and it really is. She has it up on the Leaves from the Livingtree blog, if you're interested.

Anyway. Ummm... I won.

I was really surprised that I did, since I thought that the sim-rezzer thing would, and it was apparently really close. But people liked the tea set a lot, it seems.

So, ummm.. I just thought I'd share that.
The tea set isn't quite ready for sale yet. I need to make the different kinds of tea to go in the cup, so you can choose what you want to drink; but I'll be doing that tomorrow. At least, that's The Plan.

I'll post here when it's ready.

/me grins.

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Gemma Samet said...

I fell in love with the tea set when I read about it on here, and I love it even more online in SL. Thanks! It's so much fun.

I don't think I'll ever get over my need for tea parties!