Friday, May 30, 2008

New Make-Your-Own Greeting Card for SecondLife®

In Real Life, kids usually hand-make cards to give to their Dads on Father's Day, or their sisters on their birthday, or their Moms just to say "I Love You."

Some kids in Second Life do that, too; but the problem was that, although anyone can put a texture on a prim, it's another matter to make a card that opens, or plays a sound clip, or poofs out a shower of particles, or the other things that make cards special in Second Life®.

Well, now any kids can make a card with all that stuff, without needing to know how to write a single line of code!

You color the card, in your own Graphics program. (Or color it in Real Life, and scan it in.) You write the text, also in your graphics program. You add your own Sound Clip (or not, if you don't want one.) You find or make a texture for the particles that poof (or don't have any, if you're not a big particle fan.)

The card will be whatever you want it to be, made by your own hands, so you know that it'll be precious to the person you're giving it to, just like those hand-made cards are to Real Life family.

The Template is included, so putting it on the card in SL is a one-step process (instructions are included.) You don't have to worry about putting a different texture on each face, because the whole card uses just one Texture Sheet.

Delete the freebie bubble sound that's in the card for testing, and put any sound clip you want in there! Want to use a rude sound for your brother's birthday card, to make him laugh? You can do it! Want to use that "Apple of my Eye" sound clip that means so much to your Dad in his father's Day Card? You can do it!

Delete the freebie Dag's Bubble texture that's in the card, and put any texture you want in there, and it'll be used for the particles! Want the card to fill the air with pictures of your face, when it's opened? You can do it! Want to shower someone with their favorite cookie? You can do it!

This is your card, and you can make it be anything you want it to be!

Mod/No Copy/Transfer (so you can actually give it to the person it's for) L$75. On sale at Kick the Can, Livingtree (149, 130, 24) in the vendor with the Gift Boxes.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Eight New Hawaiian Shirts for Second Life®

It's Memorial Day weekend in the States, and that means that it's officially Summertime!

In honor of the occasion, I've made eight new Hawaiian shirts, for people who "play" Second Life®.

Seven of them use the stunningly beautiful fabrics from Kona Bay (with permission, of course) so they are just gorgeous. The other one is a Piratey Shirt, and is just fun.)

The Lotus Black design is shown above. The other new designs are; Leaping Koi Black, Peony Pink, Oak Leaf Green, and Peacock Feathers in Blue, Green, and Pink. (I confess that I made up the Green colorway. But the Blue and Pink are real fabrics.)

As always, the shirts come with six different styles in the pack. Two tucked in (as Shirt and Undershirt, for maximum layering flexibility) and four untucked (as Jacket) both open and buttoned up, in two lengths each.

You won't find any seams on these, on the back of the arms, or between the jacket top and bottom, because I've remapped the AV and burned the textures onto the Linden maps. (Which means that they are perfect.) The only seams are where seams would be in real clothing.

These shirts have four buttons, open collars, yokes, short sleeves, and a patch pocket on the left front.

Copy/Mod/No Transfer, so you can tint them and style them as you like, without fear of ruining them (just pull out a new one.) If you'd like to buy one for someone else, please use the Gift button on the Vendor.

On sale now, L$50 for the pack with six shirts of the same design, from the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV Store, Livingtree (104, 128, 24). See you there!

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Teddy Bears in Second Life®!

I just finished three new teddy bears! You can see them in the main Kick the Can store now.

The Panda Bear, in the three Carry animations

Here's the new Panda bear. I also made a Moon Bear* and an American Black Bear.

These are Sculpty Bears, and like the ones that have been out for some time they come with five bears in the pack. Two of them are for display (one is standing, and one is sitting) and three are for carrying around with you. (One for your right hand, one for your left, and one to cuddle to your chest and squeeze now and then.) The Carry bears all have animations built in, so all you have to do is Wear them.

All the bears have menus that let you pick from 12 colors for their bows, and all are Modifiable, and have been carefully made so they're easy to pose. You can also resize them, tint them, or do anything else you want to them. They're Copy, so if you mess one up, you can just rez another.

They aren't Transferable, though, so if you want to get one as a gift for someone, you'll have to use the Gift button on the vendor.

Available now, from the main Kick the Can store, Livingtree (149, 130, 24). Copy/Mod/NO Transfer. L$100.

(There's also a new Purple Panda in the Lucky Chair there! :D )

* 20% of the sale price for the Moon Bear goes to Moon Bear Rescue.