Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Luminaria in Second Life®

Ahhh... Summertime. Time for long, lazy days that end with parties on the beach lasting far into the warm evenings. Well, at least it in a fantasy land, like Second Life®, where it never rains, and beaches are much more accessible. (At least for me.)

Summer Design Luminaria on a beach in SL

Luminaria, those paper bags with candles in them, make beautiful party decorations, softly lighting a path from one area to another. In Real Life, you can get the bags with cutouts for various "occasions."

I made a set with Winter cutouts last December, and now I have a set with Summer Designs, for summertime parties!

They are copyable, so you can Shift-Drag as many as you need to line your walks. They are also either 1 or 2 prims (your choice; both are in the pack) so you can line your walks without breaking your Prim Budget.

When the owner touches them, a menu appears that gives a choice of Design, Bag Color, Light Color, or State. Most of them lead to other menus that allow you to customize the bag to look just the way you'd like it to look.

There are 10 different Summertime designs, including 4 Tiki Designs, Sun, Moon, or more delicate cutouts with a Flamingo, Atoll, Spinnaker, or Seagulls. Or you can choose to have no design at all, if you prefer.

There are 25 bag colors, and 10 light colors (or you can choose to have the light color simply match the bag, which means that there are really more than 25 colors of light!)

For States, you can choose Fullbright, (which makes the bag glow as if the candle is lit, but doesn't actually affect Local Lighting,) Light (which does,) Auto Bright or Auto Light (which automatically switch to Fullbright or Light state at dusk, and off at dawn,) or Off (which not only turns off any lights or fullbright, but also changes the texture, so the bag looks like a plain paper bag, with a gray shadow of the design on it.)

All of this has been carefully scripted so that you can change the bag color without losing the design, or change the design without losing the bag color. It will even change the light color automatically as you change the bag color, of course, if that choice has been enabled. And it will keep the Light, Bright, or Off states through all of this. (You do have to reset the Auto state, since that one is the most processor-intensive, and it's easy to forget you have it running.)

This makes for a very flexible, lovely accent for your property. I think you'll enjoy them!

For sale now, from the Garden Accessories vendor in the Home and Garden Store, Livingtree (85, 128, 24). L$100. No Mod/Copy/No Transfer (but you can use the Gift Button on the vendor to buy them for someone else.)

Come and play with the demo, anyway, and see the designs! See you there!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Frozen Milkshakes on Sticks!

(Because "Fudgesicle" is taken.)

Also for SL®, because today marks the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I've come out with the Creamy Fudge version of the Primsicles.

Box of Primsicles, with kids eating them.

Like the Primsicles, these drip and slowly vanish, while an set of random animations allows you to eat them.

But, of course, they are a different shape, and so you eat them differently. When you eat a Primsicle Shake Pop, you take a bit first out of one side, then out of the other, and then from the middle, after which you eat it from all sides, so that it vanishes evenly after the first couple of bites.

And, naturally, they are different flavors. Since they are frozen milkshakes on a stick, when you touch the box you'll be served either Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Swirl (chocolate & white chocolate), Chocolate Malt, or Strawberry. Which one you get is random; but since there's an endless number in the box, you can keep trying until you get the flavor you really want.

The box is only one prim, so these are perfect to put out for all your summer parties!

L$150, from the Ice Cream freezer in the Party Tent, at Livingtree (209, 87, 24). (You'll find the Primsicles there too!)

See you there!

Picnic Tables!

I've been working mostly on stuff for Second Life® again, and have two things to blog about (because I skipped last week.) I'm going to put them in two posts, though.

First is a Picnic Table. I entered this in the Show & Tell last Sunday, and took third place.

Picnic Table, showing two of the animations, and swatches of the 11 tablecloths.

It's shaped like a traditional Picnic Table, with a tablecloth on it. But since this is SL, all you have to do is click the cloth, and you'll get a menu that lets you choose from 11 different designs that range from traditional picnic checks to stripes, lace, or a quilted table runner and six place mats. Or, if you'd prefer, you can choose not to have any tablecloth at all!

Since we can't control our own arms and legs in SL, I've also put six "sit targets" into the benches, three on each side. (That means that when you click on the bench, you'll find yourself sitting at the table, facing the way you should.) Each one has multiple animations built in, so you can eat with a knife and fork, or eat with a spoon. Or, if you're not hungry, you can sit and chat facing the table, straddling the bench, or sitting backwards and using the table as a backrest, so you can talk with people who aren't sharing the table with you.

All told, there are seven poses in each of the four end seats, and five in the center places. (They don't have the Straddle poses, since they don't work well in the middle.)

The benches are free-standing, so you can use the table without them, if you'd like to.

The 3 pieces (table and two benches) are all No Copy/No Mod/Yes Transfer, and you can buy the set for L$150. It's on sale now in the Home and Garden store at Livingtree (85, 128, 24). Look for it in the same vendor with the Luminaria and Windchimes.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Beat the SL® Heat with Primsicles!

Fun, cool, yummy frozen treats for those steamy days in SL! Perfect for eating on the beach, or snacking while watching the Summer Fireworks! (Don't forget, fireworks every Saturday evening, at Livingtree!)

Picture of the box, the Primsicles, and two kids gobbling them up, so you can see how they melt and drip.

The Primsicle itself is made from a Sculpted prim, with normal prims for the stick. They come in a delightful box, (All Virtual!) with all the things you'd expect on a box of real Popsicles®, but of course the design is totally original.

To get one, you touch the box. It'll give you a random, realistically textured Primsicle from the six flavors that are included (Berry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, or Orange.) You can see the frost on them, and the colors are really "right."

To "eat" it, just Wear it from your inventory. Animations are included that randomly choose one of several ways to eat it, at random time intervals, so you look more like someone eating a Popsicle, and less like a wind-up toy going through mechanical motions. (How well the animations work will depend on the length of your avatar's arms. They were designed for kids, although everyone can enjoy them, of course.)

As you eat, the Primsicle will drip, and slowly vanish, until there is nothing left but a stained stick. (The color of the stain depends on the color of the Primsicle, just as it should.) The animations will release when it's gone, of course. No sense chewing on an empty stick!

Put the empty stick back in your inventory, and when it re-rezzes, it'll be new, and ready to eat again! If you put a half-eaten one away, and when you wear it again, it'll be half-eaten, so you won't miss a single delicious fruit-flavored bit.

You can get an unlimited number from the box, so you should be set for Primsicles for the whole summer!

On sale now, L$150, from the Party Tent behind Kick the Can, Livingtree (212, 85, 24).

See you there!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Teaset Re-Named

Since I made the "Mother's Day" china pattern tea set, I've been getting scattered requests from people asking me if they couldn't have it named something else, and I've been filling those as they came up.

But yesterday, when I got another one from someone who found it hard to kvetch with her girlfriends while the teacups chattering about her mother and saying "I told you so", I decided to go ahead and re-name it. (The teacups, of course, never said "I told you so" really. But they do tell you what kind of tea you'd chosen, as confirmation that it's all working, and when an object in Second Life® says something, it's listed by name. Which did include the phrase "Mother's Day". Which was enough. :D )

So, the tea set is now called "Garden Rose" in all vendors and demos, both at Livingtree and Del Sol.

If you find one that still has the old name, and you're the first to tell me about it, I'll give you a copy of the tea set to show you how grateful I am that you caught it.

And now everyone can buy one, without guilt. (Sorry, mothers of the world.)