Friday, June 20, 2008

Frozen Milkshakes on Sticks!

(Because "Fudgesicle" is taken.)

Also for SL®, because today marks the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, I've come out with the Creamy Fudge version of the Primsicles.

Box of Primsicles, with kids eating them.

Like the Primsicles, these drip and slowly vanish, while an set of random animations allows you to eat them.

But, of course, they are a different shape, and so you eat them differently. When you eat a Primsicle Shake Pop, you take a bit first out of one side, then out of the other, and then from the middle, after which you eat it from all sides, so that it vanishes evenly after the first couple of bites.

And, naturally, they are different flavors. Since they are frozen milkshakes on a stick, when you touch the box you'll be served either Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Swirl (chocolate & white chocolate), Chocolate Malt, or Strawberry. Which one you get is random; but since there's an endless number in the box, you can keep trying until you get the flavor you really want.

The box is only one prim, so these are perfect to put out for all your summer parties!

L$150, from the Ice Cream freezer in the Party Tent, at Livingtree (209, 87, 24). (You'll find the Primsicles there too!)

See you there!

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