Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Luminaria in Second Life®

Ahhh... Summertime. Time for long, lazy days that end with parties on the beach lasting far into the warm evenings. Well, at least it in a fantasy land, like Second Life®, where it never rains, and beaches are much more accessible. (At least for me.)

Summer Design Luminaria on a beach in SL

Luminaria, those paper bags with candles in them, make beautiful party decorations, softly lighting a path from one area to another. In Real Life, you can get the bags with cutouts for various "occasions."

I made a set with Winter cutouts last December, and now I have a set with Summer Designs, for summertime parties!

They are copyable, so you can Shift-Drag as many as you need to line your walks. They are also either 1 or 2 prims (your choice; both are in the pack) so you can line your walks without breaking your Prim Budget.

When the owner touches them, a menu appears that gives a choice of Design, Bag Color, Light Color, or State. Most of them lead to other menus that allow you to customize the bag to look just the way you'd like it to look.

There are 10 different Summertime designs, including 4 Tiki Designs, Sun, Moon, or more delicate cutouts with a Flamingo, Atoll, Spinnaker, or Seagulls. Or you can choose to have no design at all, if you prefer.

There are 25 bag colors, and 10 light colors (or you can choose to have the light color simply match the bag, which means that there are really more than 25 colors of light!)

For States, you can choose Fullbright, (which makes the bag glow as if the candle is lit, but doesn't actually affect Local Lighting,) Light (which does,) Auto Bright or Auto Light (which automatically switch to Fullbright or Light state at dusk, and off at dawn,) or Off (which not only turns off any lights or fullbright, but also changes the texture, so the bag looks like a plain paper bag, with a gray shadow of the design on it.)

All of this has been carefully scripted so that you can change the bag color without losing the design, or change the design without losing the bag color. It will even change the light color automatically as you change the bag color, of course, if that choice has been enabled. And it will keep the Light, Bright, or Off states through all of this. (You do have to reset the Auto state, since that one is the most processor-intensive, and it's easy to forget you have it running.)

This makes for a very flexible, lovely accent for your property. I think you'll enjoy them!

For sale now, from the Garden Accessories vendor in the Home and Garden Store, Livingtree (85, 128, 24). L$100. No Mod/Copy/No Transfer (but you can use the Gift Button on the vendor to buy them for someone else.)

Come and play with the demo, anyway, and see the designs! See you there!

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