Thursday, June 05, 2008

Teaset Re-Named

Since I made the "Mother's Day" china pattern tea set, I've been getting scattered requests from people asking me if they couldn't have it named something else, and I've been filling those as they came up.

But yesterday, when I got another one from someone who found it hard to kvetch with her girlfriends while the teacups chattering about her mother and saying "I told you so", I decided to go ahead and re-name it. (The teacups, of course, never said "I told you so" really. But they do tell you what kind of tea you'd chosen, as confirmation that it's all working, and when an object in Second Life® says something, it's listed by name. Which did include the phrase "Mother's Day". Which was enough. :D )

So, the tea set is now called "Garden Rose" in all vendors and demos, both at Livingtree and Del Sol.

If you find one that still has the old name, and you're the first to tell me about it, I'll give you a copy of the tea set to show you how grateful I am that you caught it.

And now everyone can buy one, without guilt. (Sorry, mothers of the world.)

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