Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Colors for Picnic Tables!

Not everyone likes a redwood picnic table, and not all picnic tables are new; so I've made a couple of alternate versions of the Redwood table I made some time ago for Second Life™.

One has been painted bright, shining white,

White Picnic Table

and the other one has weathered to a soft gray.

White Picnic Table

(The kids shown in the pictures are Krystal Wrigglesworth, and Pygar Bu, by the way. In game, Krystal is one of my nieces, and Pygar is my nephew.)

The new tables, like the original redwood one, have changeable tablecloths. When the owner, or anyone in the group the tablecloth is set to, touches the cloth, a menu appears allowing them to choose one of 11 "Picnic Fun" designs, including one with six quilted placemats and a table runner, or no cloth at all.

Each bench seats 3, and men, women, kids, furries ... any human sized avatar at all can use the Sit targets that are right in the bench. (No pose balls!) Just click to sit, and then choose which of the built-in animations you'd like to use by holding down the Shift key, and tapping the left and right arrow keys.

There are five animations in the center section; eating with a knife and fork, eating with a spoon, sitting around for either men or women, or sitting with your back to the table, and your elbows resting on it. The end seats have two additional animations, straddling the bench facing either left or right, so you can sit on the bench, and talk to people who aren't sitting at the table at all! (The last three animations are custom, and can't be found in any other furniture in SL.)

No food is included, but it's easy to rez any food you happen to have, and dig in!

The tables are available now, from the Garden Accessories vendor (that's the same one with the Luminaria and Windchimes) in the Home and Garden Store, Livingtree (85, 128, 24). L$150. No Mod/No Copy/Transfer.

Come and play with the demo! See you there!

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