Friday, August 22, 2008

Juice Tray for Kids, and Sneak Preview!

Well, it took a bit longer than I thought to post about the juice bottles, but here they are! (All this stuff is for Second Life™, of course.)

Picture of Juice Tray, with a kid drinking from a bottle, to show the drink animation

Perfect for parties, play-dates, school events, or anywhere that thirsty kids gather!

There are four bottles of juice on the tray; Apple, Apple-Cherry, Grape and Tomato. They are all sculpts, so the bottles are only a single prim each! When you touch one, you get an open bottle with a straw.

Wear it from your inventory, and you'll be able to drink out of it! (The animations are kid sized, so although adults (or bigger kids) can hold the bottle, the straw won't come to their mouths.)

If you touch the bottle while drinking, you'll hear the delightful sound made by blowing bubbles with your straw! Tons of fun for everyone!

The tray is 8 prims, No Mod, No Copy, Transfer Only. L$100. On sale now, from the main Kick the Can store, in Livingtree.

Come take a look, try a bottle of juice, and squeeze the last drop out of summer!

Also, if you look at the picture above, you can see the next thing I'm working on. (The vigil candles don't count; those are finished, except for the box.) But see that kid?

I'm going to be making ready-to-go Kid Avatars, for people who want to be able to just buy one complete, and not have to shop for shape, skin, eyes, hair, clothing, etc. That's a new shape, with skin, eyes, and clothing included. Also included is Prim Hair! Yep, I'm starting to do real Hair, since I couldn't think of any other way to include it. :D

The style you can see a bit of in the picture is called "Abby", and is a French Braid. I'm going to have it in a whole range of colors (not just the bright red you see here) and with any luck it will be out sometime this coming week.

I have Jury Duty on Wednesday, though, so I'm not sure what the week will be like. If I don't post again for a while, you'll know why! :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lots of New Things on the Horizon!

It's been a while since I posted, but that's because things have been so busy around here.

There's not much new stock out yet (just a script update, really) but there are lots of things in the pipeline, so with any luck, there will be several new posts this week!

First up, there are new updated light scripts for Second Life™.

Vendor Image of the Script with Box and Descriptive Text (Just says what the light does.)

This is an update of my script from last year. I've added several important features.

First and foremost, you can now set Glow for both the light bulb and the shades. (They are set independently, of course. They can even vary between bulbs and shades on the same lamp.)

The Menu that the end users gets has also been changed, with Full Bright and Auto Bright now added to the former "On, Off, and Auto" group. This will allow your users to have lamps that appear to be lit, but don't actually add to server load, or affect Local Lights.

The scripts are also more efficient "under the hood", so they should run more quickly and cause even less lag.

They are still just as easy to use, though. The Beta Testers were really surprised how quickly and simply they could build whatever lamps they could dream up!

For a full description, see the SL Forum Post that I wrote about them.

There's other stuff coming for SL as well. Vigil candles (that you can hold) should be out sometime this week, and I've decided to make ready-made Kid AVs, for those people who just want to be able to buy a box, and turn into a kid! More about that later. (But I will say that, if all goes well, I'll be making some things that people have been begging me for for years. :D )

I've also finished a set of Juice Bottles for kids. Those are done, so I should be able to post about them tomorrow.

I'm also working on low-prim tea sets, more kids clothing, and some other surprise things. So, if I can just stay well, and pull the time together, it should get fairly exciting around here, pretty soon!

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Toy Tea Sets for Second Life™ Kids!

If you play a kid who likes tea parties in Second Life, or if you're looking for a present for someone who does, you're going to love the newest release from Kick the Can!

It's a toy Tea Set to use with your dolls and teddy bears! (You can also get just the Teapot, if you don't have the budget or prims for the whole set. See below.)

Tea set in its box, and displayed for use. The text on the image says,

This beautiful set is exactly like the one for grown-ups, down to the elegant sculpted handles, and the Garden Rose pattern on the pieces. The only difference is that it's scaled down, for kids to play with.

There are 16 pieces in the set, but only 30 prims. If the owner touches the tray, the teapot will begin to steam gently, the teacups will fill with steaming tea, cream will materialize in the creamer, 3 full-size petit fours will magically appear on the luncheon plate, and the set will announce "Tea is Served." Touch it again, and all the food will vanish, leaving sparkling clean dishes.

Anyone can touch the teapot, and they'll be given a cup of tea to wear in their right hand, and an empty saucer to wear in their left.

Touching the cup will cause a menu to appear, giving a choice of 12 different "teas", including a water (very weak tea,) Orange Juice (since this is for kids, after all) an empty cup (traditional for doll's tea parties) and Pretend tea, which is a different color and transparency every time, because imagination is like that.

Anyone who touches the luncheon plate will get a plate of petit fours to hold in their left hand.

The whole set costs L$375 (less than the adult set, because it's just a toy, after all.)

For kids without the budget or prims for the whole set, the teapot is now available on its own!

It's a mere 3 prims, and only L$100. You can serve tea with it by touching the handle. When you do, it starts to steam. To stop it, touch the handle again. You can get the same cup and saucer by touching the belly of the pot, and the petit fours by touching the spout. So, really, it has all the functionality of the set, with one tenth the prims used!

Both are available now from the Kick the Can main store, and from all the other Kick the Can stores throughout the grid. (The Demo for the whole set is only at the Main Store in Livingtree.) See you there!