Friday, August 22, 2008

Juice Tray for Kids, and Sneak Preview!

Well, it took a bit longer than I thought to post about the juice bottles, but here they are! (All this stuff is for Second Life™, of course.)

Picture of Juice Tray, with a kid drinking from a bottle, to show the drink animation

Perfect for parties, play-dates, school events, or anywhere that thirsty kids gather!

There are four bottles of juice on the tray; Apple, Apple-Cherry, Grape and Tomato. They are all sculpts, so the bottles are only a single prim each! When you touch one, you get an open bottle with a straw.

Wear it from your inventory, and you'll be able to drink out of it! (The animations are kid sized, so although adults (or bigger kids) can hold the bottle, the straw won't come to their mouths.)

If you touch the bottle while drinking, you'll hear the delightful sound made by blowing bubbles with your straw! Tons of fun for everyone!

The tray is 8 prims, No Mod, No Copy, Transfer Only. L$100. On sale now, from the main Kick the Can store, in Livingtree.

Come take a look, try a bottle of juice, and squeeze the last drop out of summer!

Also, if you look at the picture above, you can see the next thing I'm working on. (The vigil candles don't count; those are finished, except for the box.) But see that kid?

I'm going to be making ready-to-go Kid Avatars, for people who want to be able to just buy one complete, and not have to shop for shape, skin, eyes, hair, clothing, etc. That's a new shape, with skin, eyes, and clothing included. Also included is Prim Hair! Yep, I'm starting to do real Hair, since I couldn't think of any other way to include it. :D

The style you can see a bit of in the picture is called "Abby", and is a French Braid. I'm going to have it in a whole range of colors (not just the bright red you see here) and with any luck it will be out sometime this coming week.

I have Jury Duty on Wednesday, though, so I'm not sure what the week will be like. If I don't post again for a while, you'll know why! :D

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?