Monday, September 08, 2008

A Couple of Announcements

First, I've finished the hair for Second Life™ Kids that I hinted at a bit ago.

Picture of the hair- a French Braid - from several angles, in several colors

It comes in 13 colors (at the moment; more are planned) and each pack has 3 different styles. One style holds the end of the braid with a plain elastic band, one with a ribbon, and one with one of those holders that has two balls on it.

All of the fasteners are color-changing, with a menu that has 42 color choices. To change the band and bow, you simply touch the hair anywhere, and the menu comes up. To change the balls, you touch the one you want to change. This allows you to change them individually, so you can have two different colors.

The price of the hair is normally going to be L$250 for the three styles in one color. There are also packs of four colors, at a reduced price.

But, for this weekend, you can get them for L$50 off. (The sale was announced in world on Friday. Sorry that I'm a bit late with the blog post. If you tell me that you saw a reduced price on this blog, you can get the hair for L$50 off until Wednesday night.)

Speaking of Wednesday; I'm going to hold the first of the long-planned Lecture Series this Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 6 pm SL time. It will be at the Lecture Area behind the Texture Tutorial. (So, if any of you wondered what that build was about all this last year, that's it. :D )

This first one will be a Question and Answer session, to give me an idea of what kinds of things people would like to know about.

I'm preparing material about advanced Alpha Channel stuff, that will eventually be in a new SL Book called "Alphas; Basics and Beyond".

For this session, I've got stuff to show how to make a basic Alpha Channel from Layer Transparency in a multi-layer document. (A cupboard door, in this case.) I then go on to show how to add glass to the door, and easily make the "transparent" part of the Alppha semi-transparent. I finish up by showing how to add stained glass to the center opening, and how simple it is to give the different colors of glass different opacity values.

So, that's done and ready, if anyone asks a question about Alpha Channels (which I kind of imagine they will.)

I'm also prepared to explain why leaning to make a real Alpha Channel is worth it, even though it's so easy to just use .png. I don't have the images for that, but if all goes well, I'll be making them tomorrow, so I will.

And I've given some thought to what I'll say if I'm asked about how to make Clothing.

Other than that, though, I'm really going to have to wing it, like I have done for so long at SF cons over the years.

But I will get an idea of what people want to know, and whether or not it's possible to explain that in this kind of lecture.

If it goes well, I'll be doing them at other times of the day, for the people who live in Europe. And I'll probably put together some actual lectures, too, once I know which ones are likely to be well attended. (As opposed to the things that would be fun to talk about. :D: )

So, that's that!

Tomorrow, I'll be in Photoshop most of the day, working on images for the lecture, and I'll let you all know how Wednesday goes!

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