Monday, September 22, 2008

I Have a Cunning Plan...

Hi Everyone! I'm sick today, so I'm not doing much at the moment, but I thought I'd take a minute and explain what The Plan is for the coming months.

I'm still working on learning CSS. It's going more slowly than I'd like, mostly because there is so much there to learn, and so much I'd like to do with my website. It seems like every time I do a "test page" I think, "Oh! But it would be so cool if... " and then I find out that there is a way to do that thing, and I have to learn that, too. I decided right away not to keep making pages that I just have to re-make. Instead, I'm going to plot out exactly what I want it all to do, and learn how to do all of that, and then make them.

Kind of hard, when I'm trrying to do so much other stuff too, but hey, that's what happens.

The real problem, at the moment, is that I still like my navigation thinges, and I can't figure out how to get all the same functionality without having them in a table with roll-overs and things. But I'll get there. (At the very worst, I'll keep the table for that, and update the rest of the site, which I have figured out. This is Transitional HTML for a reason. But I'd rather not do that.)

One of the things that I have decided is that I'm going to lose the "Links" section. Mostly because it's almost impossible to keep it up to date and working, and as far as I can tell, no one is really using it anyway.

So that's going to go, and in its place, I'm going to put a section for Fiber Arts, which is something that I'm very fond of. I've decided to start with Embroidery.

Towards that end, I've updated my embroidery digitizing software, and I'm going to start to get embroidery designs up on the site in the next few weeks, (I hope.) The Plan is to also upgrade the Shopping Cart, so there will be a Search Engine, which I badly need, and also the capability for people to instantly download the designs when they buy them. I know that I don't bother buying embroidery designs if I have to wait to get them, and I can't imagine that other people will want to wait, either.

Once I have that, I might have other things that you can buy and download right away. We'll have to see.

But, in the meantime, I hope to have some free designs up, so people can see the quality of my digitizing. I'm also going to see about putting them on some of the more popular embroidery sites, so that I can start earning some income with all of that.

If the embroidery goes well, I might add quilting stuff. We'll have to see.

So, there's still lots of work to do, but things are progressing, albeit slowly at the moment, and there is a Plan. :D

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