Friday, September 12, 2008

Purple Overalls for Second Life Girls!

If you play a little girl in Second Life™, I have a real treat for you!

I've just finished a really cute set of overalls for little girls.

Picture of the Overalls in several different configurations, and from different angles

They are purple, and feature ice cream embroidery on the bib pocket, back pocket, and leg fronts; because what little girl doesn't like ice cream?

The overalls come in 3 lengths; long pants, shorts, and pants that are rolled to mid-calf with prim cuffs that show the ice-cream print fabric lining.

There's also an overall skirt, with matching glitch pants, for days when a little girl just feels like wearing a skirt. It hugs the body to just below the hips, and then widens out into a flexi-prim flare that swings when you walk.

Also included with the outfit is a matching long-sleeved T-shirt and tights, in ice-cream colors stripes. The stripes all match perfectly, with no visible seams at all (although, given the nature of the Avatar mesh, they do stretch and deform as you move.) Even the feet and ankles are made the way striped socks are made in RL, with cherry colored toes and heels, and stripes that match flawlessly all around the foot.

But wait! There's more! You also get a T-top; a shirt made from t-shirt material with a bias tape collar that buttons with an ice-cream-cone button in the back, above a key-hole opening.

Both tops are included on 3 different layers - tucked in for the shirt and undershirt layer, and untucked on the jacket layer, so you can wear the T-top over the T-shirt with the overalls, or wear either one alone, or mix and match them with your other outfits.

And, since everything in the package is Copy/Mod (no transfer) you can shorten the sleeves on the long-sleeved shirt, or make the tights into ankle socks, or tint any and all parts of it, and make dozens and dozens of outfits from just this one set!

Truly, one of the most versatile and fun outfits you're going to find, for little girls on a budget, and for little girls who just like mixing it up!

On sale now, at all Kick the Can locations, including the main store in Livingtree (149, 130, 24.) L$250 for all the pieces (six shirts, four pairs of pants, bib overall "jacket", tights top and bottom, prim overall straps, prim rolled cuffs and flexi-prim skirt.) Mod/Copy/NO Transfer.

See you there!

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