Friday, September 05, 2008

Vigil Candles for Second Life™

If you have a candlelight vigil planned in Second Life, I have just the candles for you!

These are beautiful, realistic candles with animations that allow you to hold them in either your right or your left hand.

4 boxes of candles, with a a closeup and distant shot of them in use. Legend says Adult Sized - Color Changing, Left and right hand animations included, transfer only - buy in packs.

If you are familiar with my candles, these have the same color changing menus, for both the candles and the Bobeche (paper collar). They also have the same menu choices for On, Off, Full Bright, Auto, or Auto Bright. However, they feature new, more realistic flames and just enough Glow to make them really stunning.

Transfer Only. (No Mod, No Copy.) Sold in packs, so you can distribute them, or as a single pair to wear yourself. Prices range from L$560 for a pack of 20 pairs (that's 40 candles, so it comes to L$14 apiece) to L$35 for a single pair.

You can pick a pack of 20, 10, 5 or 1 pair, or if you know exactly how many you are going to need and don't want extras, you can IM me for custom packs, at a sliding discount.

Demo and candles are available now in the Broom Closet at Livingtree (132, 160, 24), or check my Picks for a TP.

See you there!

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