Friday, October 10, 2008

New Stuff for Halloween in SL™

I've been working to get all kinds of things ready for Second Life™ Halloween. But sadly I've also been fighting the flu, so I haven't been blogging the new stuff as much as I'd like.

Tonight, though, I'm a bit better, so here we go!

First off, the new Limited Edition 2008 Halloween Bear is out in my stores now.

Vendor Shot of a kid holding 3 teddy bears at once.

This year, the bear is built on the same easy to pose Sculpties as my other bears. He has black fur, with bright purple eyes, an orange muzzle and orange paddy paws. On his head is a sculpty Witches Hat with "Samhain 2008" in gold letters on the band.

Like the other bears, you get five bears in the pack. One sitting, one standing, one to cuddle to your chest, one you can hold in your right hand, and one to hold in your left. The last three have built-in animations. (In SL, we need animations to hold things, or do much of anything, really.)

Because it's Halloween, he's also holding a cute little Pumpkin Pail filled with Candy Corn. Trick or Treat!

His ribbon has a menu-driven color change script, like my other bears, but this one has special Halloween colors, not the usual set.

A special note about this bear; the hat has a broad brim, as Witches hats usually do. When I was making him, I didn't think about what that would look like when his arm was up for the left and right hand carry positions, or when he was cuddled.

But, of course, his raised hand went right through the brim, and the brim went right through a kid's chest, when he was being carried.

I fixed it, of course. But it means that really, there are four different sculpty hats; one for the standing and sitting bear, and different ones for each of the carry poses, so the brim folds around his arm (or a kid's chest) the way it would in RL.

Just thought you might find that interesting. :D

He's for sale now through Nov. 1, in the main Kick the Can Store and the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV store on Livingtree. L$150. Mod/Copy/NO Transfer (but there's a gift button on the vendor.) Those two stores have demos you can play with. You can also buy the bear from any Kick the Can Store in world. You'll find it in the big Halloween Vendor, along with the other clothes and special things I have for Halloween.

I've also finished a slew of new t-shirts for the Holiday.

Panel showing each design on one of the four possible colors

There are five designs, on four different shirt colors (Black, Navy, Orange or Purple.) As always, they come as tucked in shirts on the Undershirt and Shirt layer, and untucked on the Jacket Layer.

On marbled fabric, with no seams on the arms, or other places there wouldn't be seams in a real shirt.

Only L$50, Mod/Copy/NO Transfer. Also in the Robin (Sojourner) Wood AV store, and in the Halloween Vendors in all Kick the Can Stores.

There's more coming out in the next few days, too; so check back soon!

Happy Halloween!

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