Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Print Pages Up!

The new print pages are up, and ready to go! You can find them on my site, if you'd like to see.

They are all connected to the new shopping cart, too, although the shopping cart pages aren't pretty yet. That's the job I'm hoping to get done today.

This is the last day of the two weeks that I decided to "take off" from Second Life® so that I could really start to make progress on my site.

Having that time off has shown me a couple of things, one of which is that I really need to spend more time on the rest of my business, instead of putting nearly all my efforts into SL™.

So I'm going to be doing that.

Since I happen to know that it's very difficult for me to stop in the middle of something, particularly if it's going well, to work on something else I'm not going to even try.

Instead, I'll be concentrating on SL on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and concentrating on other things on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. So, if you want something from me in world, you'll be more likely to find me on those days.

This being a Thursday, I'm not going to be in world much today. I did finish the Clothing 101 book for the Texture Library, and that will be brought in world, published on the THiNC press, and made into a THiNC book, complete with notecards and landmarks, that you'll be able to read (and buy, if you'd like) in the Texture Library in world. There will be more detail about that tomorrow.

I'm also going to be opening Livingtree Cove, in world, for renting. Please IM me if you are interested.

The rest of today, though, is dedicated to CSS and my website! So keep checking back. After a long, long delay things are starting to move again.

And there was much rejoicing.

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