Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine's Scripted Gift Boxes for SL™

If you're a resident of Second Life®, present presents to your Valentine in style!

Valentine Heart Gift Box

Fully scripted gift boxes use a menu system to allow you to choose from 11 different wrapping papers, 11 different color choices for ribbons, bows, or lace (depending on the box style), and 11 different colors for floating text (or none at all, if you don't like it.)

Put your own sound file and particle in the box, or use the default of a honky-tonk piano playing "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and valentine heart particles.

The scripts step you through setting the name of the SL Resident who can open the box, along with a message that will appear in the floating text, and another one that will show up in Chat when the box is opened. You can also set the date, and keep the recipient from opening the present early! (No one but the recipient (and you) can open it at all, ever.)

Pack the box with presents. They don't have to be copyable, although they do have to be transferable, of course.

On the specified day, your Valentine can open the box, and when they do your message will appear in Chat, the sound file will play, and particles will shoot out in every direction. All the contents of the box will also be delivered, and your Valentine will get his or her present(s.)

Then you can choose to give them the box, as well, or pick it back up to use again and again!

Yes, this means that they don't have to Own the box to open it; they just have to be the person whose name you've set.

Available in two styles; a Heart shaped box, with color-changing lace around the bottom,(shown above) or a traditional box shape with a bow and ribbon,(shown below.) Both are Mod/Transfer (NO copy) L$100, available now from the "Gift Box and Card" vendors in Robin's Home and Garden Store, Livingtree (85, 128, 24), and in all Kick the Can stores, including the main store in Livingtree.

Valentine's Gift Box

Come play with the demos! See you there!

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