Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Teasets for Easter in SL™

I've been busy in Second Life®, since Easter is right around the corner, and I've made 3 new tea sets to grace your festivities.

One is just a fun one, called "Easter Artist," with a bunny painting Easter Eggs.

Sculpted Tea Set, shown with and without tea served

One is a bunch of flowers, featuring an "Easter Lily".

Sculpted Tea Set, shown with and without tea served

The last one, done with a young friend in mind, is cuddly "Easter Bunnies" in a clump of violets.

Sculpted Tea Set, shown with and without tea served

The latter two will also be avaiable, with other napkins, after Easter, since they would be nice anytime.

As with all my tea sets, you, or anyone in the Group the set is Set to, can click the tray to serve tea, which causes the pot to steam gently, the cups to fill with fresh, hot tea, the creamer to fill with cream, and 3 yummy iced petit fours to appear on the plate.

Click again, and it all goes away, leaving sparkling clean dishes. (Oh, if only it were that easy in RL!)

Click on the napkin, and a menu pops up, in the upper right of your screen, that allows you to choose from 3 different embroidered napkins, and changes the glass of the tray to harmonize with them.

Anyone at all can click on the pot, and recieve an empty saucer to hold in their left hand, and a steaming cup of tea to hold in their right. Click on the cup, and they'll get a menu that lets them choose from among 11 different types of tea to "drink." (Animations for all of thiss are included in the items, of course.)

Click on the plate of petit fours, and you'll get your own plate with 3 of them, to hold in your left hand.

All this seasonal goodness is only L$450, Transfer Only. Available now at the Home and Garden Store, Livingtree (85, 128, 24) or in Practical Magic, on Serenite.

There's also a Doll's version of the "Easter Artist" set, with the other tea sets in Kick the Can, and wherever else my kid's things are sold.

Come check out the demo! I think you'll like it!

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