Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holly Sweaters for Second Life!

If you are a resident of Second Life®, and you visit my island, Livingtree, you'll find that it's covered and snow and ice.

Keep your virtual self warm. Put on a little sweater! Like the ones I just made, based on the knit design used for this year's Holiday Bear, but sized to fit men and women, boys and girls!

The sweater has a sculpted turtleneck collar, included in 3 sizes for your convenience. (It's mod though, and a single prim, so it's very easy to adjust to your own avatar.) There's a Shirt, which makes a very thick, warm sweater, and a skirt that goes with it so that it doesn't look tucked in. Or you can wear the Jacket instead, with or without the shirt, for a sleeker look.

Available in six different colors; Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Red and White. Copy/Mod/NO Transfer (but there's a Gift button on the vendor if you want to give it to someone else.) L$100, everywhere that R(S)W clothing is sold.

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