Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm a Affiliate!

Over the years, I've learned an awful lot from a site called

It's filled with wonderful on-line video tutorials, covering many of the programs that I use on a daily basis, including the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

I'm not sure how I would have gotten up to speed with Dreamweaver, CSS, InDesign, or half a dozen others without the training I got there.

It's not free; but for less than a dollar a day you can get all the training you can shove into your brain! For only a bit more, you can download files that allow you to follow along as you work your way through the exercises. (I highly recommend doing that; there's nothing like being able to work on the same pages that the instructor is showing you to really "get" stuff.) We're talking real education, for pocket change!

A few days ago, they started an Affiliate Program, which allows people who were recommending to everyone anyway (like me) to earn a bit by doing so. I signed up right away, of course, because I honestly think that they offer top-notch training, for a better variety of apps than I've found anywhere else. I mean, I really do believe in this company, and use them constantly myself.

I was accepted into the program, which is why there's now a bright yellow button over in the sidebar. If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, click it, and it'll take you to the site, where you can watch some videos for free, to get an idea of the quality. And if you decide to purchase a membership, I'll get a bit of cash for directing you there, which I'll be very grateful for.

So go take a look!

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