Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photoshop Tips, and Candle Scripts!

I've started to post weekly Photoshop Tips over on my Facebook page. If anyone reading this isn't interested in facebook, and would like to have me post them here, too, let me know and I'll do that.

This week it's a Very Short Tip, because I've been working on candle scripts for Second Life® and kind of ran out of time.

And before someone points out that I'm really posting this on Wednesday morning, no I'm not! It's Tuesday for me until I go to sleep, and wake back up, and I haven't done that. So it's still late Tuesday night, local time. Very, very local, but it counts!

Anyway, the tip is about using the Bracket Keys, which are very useful in Photoshop. You can use them with the option/alt key to move up and down through your layer stack. You can use them with the Command/ctrl key to move a layer up or down in the stack. You can just use them by themselves to change Brush Size. And there, now you know the tip, but go look anyway, because I put an extra one at the end that's not about the bracket keys at all.

In my second life, I've been working on updating the scripts in my SL candles for the last few days. I'll post a picture when they're finished (I'm told it's not necessary to put a picture in every post. Please let me know if that's wrong.)

Anyway, the new scripts are much more efficient, and because of some changes in LSL (the Linden Scripting Language) over the 5 years since I first made these candles, I can cut down on the number of scripts that are required to make them work. (More things can be controlled in the Linkset, so I don't have to put scripts in as many prims.)

The new scripts also use Glow, if you want it. (You can toggle it on or off, for both the candle itself and the candle flame.)

I also know a lot more about how to make things work in SL than I did five years ago, so the candle flames look much, much better.

And some niggling things have been fixed, because I'm a better scripter than I was. So I think you'll find these candles easier to use, too!

Anyway, they're mostly done now, so I should have pictures and things posted on Thursday. Talk to you then!

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