Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New PS Tutorial - Flipping Tricks

This week, the Photoshop Tutorial is all about Flipping an image over a Horizontal axis, and having it land just where it should!

There are three tricks; one to make something flip across the center of the image (includes setting a new Guide Line in the middle, no matter what size the image is, and making a Drop Shadow skip a few layers, so the thing casting the shadow is on the top of the layer stack, but the shadow itself is on the bottom.)

One to make something flip across an arbitrary axis anywhere in the image you want it to go. (Includes a tip to make a new layer below the currently selected layer.)

And finally, one to make things line up perfectly in no time at all across a symmetrical UV Map. The example I use is the map that forms the face of the Second Life® avatar; but the same technique will work with any symmetrical UV Map.

Hope you enjoy the video, and find it useful!

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